Chicago River From The Michigan Ave. Bridge – B & W
Tribune Tower – B & W
The Picasso – Daily Center – Chicago – B & W
Hohn Hancock Center, Chicago, Illinois
Peony In Glass – B & W
The Picasso – Chicago B & W
Art Institute of Chicago, North Garden
Ranunculus In Vase – B & W
Winter In Black, Grey And White
Rocking Chair And Hay
Checks Cashed Here
Heavyweight – B & W
Pulleys Of Yesterday
Lighthouse Storm On Lake Michigan
Lunar Sky
Iowa Home – Long Ago
Foundation Of Long Ago
White Barn and Tank
Chicago River From Michigan Avenue Bridge B & W
Ranunculus White And Green
Dogwood Spring Bloom
Ranunculus Yellows and Orange In Vase
Tension Circles
Purple Canna lily
Ranunculus White And Green In Vase
Water Lilly – One
Golden Grass
Daisies In Yellow, Black And Green
Fall Reflections On Water
Water Lilly – Two
Yellow Lillies
Chicago River From Michigan Avenue Bridge – Color
The Picaso – Chicago, Illinois
Ogilvie Transportation Center
Ogilvie Transportation Center Interior – Chicago
Millennium Park – Chicago
The Picasso Two – Chicago
Art Institute Of Chicago – North Garden
John Hancock Building – Chicago
Field Museum Chicago Gallery One
Field Museum Chicago Gallery – Two
Chicago River And Merchandise Mart
Trump Tower – Chicago
Black Water Tower And Reflections – Chicago
Lady With Red Purse
Roof Top And Black Water Tower – Chicago
Tribune Building – Chicago
The Bat – Presidential Towers – Chicago
The Bat – Chicago
Michigan Ave. Two – Chicago
Blue Sky Chicago
Green And Black Glass – Chicago
Grand Willow
Canada Geese Landing
Blue Misty Morning
Misty Morning – Color
Fall Hay and Field
Barn At Saint Mary Church
Wet Winter Field
Golden Hour
Dairy Farm And Stormy Sky
Golden Field And Sentinels
Canada Geese – A Family – Misty Morning
Laguna Beach Sunset – Pacific Ocean
Laguna Beach – Pacific Ocean
Winter In Blue, Grey And White
Winter Cardinal
Mourning Dove
Ranunculus White And Green