8 x 10.5 inches, audrey
audrey, 8 x 10.5 inches, 1st bw unaltered from Silver Efex Pro
Misty Morning – B & W
Ranunculus White And Green
Grand Willow
Dogwood Spring Bloom
Purple Canna lily
Ranunculus in Yellow and Orange
Fall Reflections On Water
Tension Circles
Golden Grass
Water Lilly – One
Ranunculus White And Green In Vase
Canada Geese Landing
Golden Hour
Wet Winter Field
Golden Field And Sentinels
Misty Morning – Color
Water Lilly – Two
Winter In Blue Grey And White
Laguna Beach Sunset – Pacific Ocean
Canada Geese – A Family – Misty Morning
Iowa Horizan and Cumulus Cloud
Mother Knows Best
Fall Reflections On Water
Daisies In Yellow, Black And Green
Winter Cardinal
Mourning Dove
Tension Circles